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Helicopter Ratings & Endorsements

Utility Helicopters operate a variety of Helicopters, This gives you the benefit of learning from people who utilise these machines for a variety of operations.

We can offer both Piston and Turbine Types in both Single and Multi-engine configurations.

In the Piston Market we can offer Robinson R22 and R44, Hughes/Schweizer 300, Bell 47, Enstrom FX280 and we also have access to the Only Guimbal Cabri G2 in Queensland

In the Single Engine Turbine Market we offer the Bell Jet Ranger 206, Bell Long ranger,  Bell 204/205, Bell OH 58, Bell 407, Hughes/MD 500, Eurocopter EC 120/130, Eurocopter AS350,

This means we can offer you a variety of Type/Class endorsements to suit your requirements.

If you don’t have a turbine endorsement, you will need a min 5 hours training time for your first turbine endorsement.

After that it is only 3 hours min. training per turbine endorsement provided the weight class is less than 2750kg.


  • Ground School of aircraft systems, performance and summary of flight manual.
  • in depth Pre-flight with one of our specialists .
  • 3 or 5 hours of dual flight instruction depending whether First turbine or not – This instruction will not only get you familiar with the aircraft but also push your own boundaries. We can also include other endorsements/ ratings into your type endorsement- Perhaps a Sling or low level endorsement
  • Log Book endorsement

We offer Eurocopter EC120 EC130 and Jet Ranger with gas turbine engine endorsements and sling low level renewals and flight reviews Australia wide and Archerfield Airport Brisbane, Queensland. Contact us for further information