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Nik McManus – Director, CFIATO

Mar 15, 2014   //   by   //    //  No Comments

Nik has dedicated his career to instructing and through this has developed a style of instruction that gives him the ability to adapt his instructing method to suit the individual, a trait that is only possible through both experience and dedication to instructing, AHT’s way of teaching ensures that all of their students will leave with the greatest amount of confidence and their ability to fly anywhere in Australia and throughout the world at any time with prior planning of course!

Nik has hand picked his instructors and works close to them, which is important when keeping the training at a consistent standard. At AHT you will get to fly with the Chief Flight Instructor on a regular basis which is not common in most training schools. If you are not flying with the CFI he is working with his instructors to ensure you are being trained to the standards of the CFI

Niks and his instructors outgoing positive attitude means you will become a long time friends where a phone call for a friendly chat or for advice is not uncommon during training and many years after. When not flying Nik’s hobbies include spending time with his wife and children and playing sport